Genny reveals that he wants to avoid a new war and the pact with Ciro; Don Pietro accepts the conditions. Over 300 box sets on demand; Award winning TV shows; No contract, cancel anytime. At the meeting Patrizia tells Ruggeri that she will talk, but only if she has the certainty of not returning to prison. Gomora Wednesday 16 December 2020 Watch Gomora Wednesday 16 December 2020 online youtube. 'O Principe, in despair, takes his assigned driver Angelino to where the panther is kept to feed it. Lelluccio is killed on the orders of Don Pietro. Patrizia decides which position to take after learning about the plot against her. 'O Principe in fact leads a particularly luxurious lifestyle and does not hide his wealth; he buys luxury cars, a panther, and buys a nail salon business for his girlfriend Azmera. Previous The Queen 16 September 2020 Full Episode Youtube Video For the safety of her family, Patrizia decides to go back to Don Pietro. Meanwhile, Patrizia no longer wants to host Don Pietro. Many of Patrizia's men are arrested with the exception of Nicola and Lino who escape. Don Pietro accepts but demands the death of Ciro. Patrizia accepts and is taken to a safe place where she speaks with Ruggeri and the lawyer who has been assigned to her. Patrizia and Don Pietro meet Genny in Rome. They move their drug processing lair to an apartment, and 'o Sciarmante, one of the rival Confederates, watches them. Don Pietro sends Malammore to threaten and convince Patrizia to resume her role. Don Pietro and Genny are safe in another location. Michelangelo later goes to a quarry to meet his father, telling him of the decision made by his wife. Scianel refuses as she enters that society only for her personal profit. However, per her discussion with Patrizia, Marinella does not confirm her testimony to the court; Scianel is freed. [2] The series has also been sold in 190 countries worldwide.[3][4]. Fearing for his life, Daniele runs away and asks for help from his friend Bruno, who offers him a secluded place to shelter for the night and agrees to collect Manu from the bar Manu home. He then summons 'a Golia and 'o Cantonese to follow Valerio like shadows. Meanwhile, Genny promotes Tiziana as new CEO following Alberto's death. Gomora Wednesday 16 September 2020 free video.Gomora 16 September 2020 full episode tonight. Ciro explains the terms of the agreement reached with Gennaro and his men to his faithfuls: the Alliance will acquire drugs only from Genny and Don Pietro and what remains of the Savastano clan will be confined in the ward assigned to them. Gomora 22 January 2021 Full Episode Youtube Video, Gomora 21 January 2021 Full Episode Youtube Video, Gomora 20 January 2021 Full Episode Youtube Video, Gomora 19 January 2021 Full Episode Youtube Video, Gomora 18 January 2021 Full Episode Youtube Video, Gomora 15 January 2021 Full Episode Youtube Video, Gomora 14 January 2021 Full Episode Youtube Video, Gomora 13 January 2021 Full Episode Youtube Video, Gomora 12 January 2021 Full Episode Youtube Video, Gomora 11 January 2021 Full Episode Youtube Video, Gomora 8 January 2021 Full Episode Youtube Video, Gomora 7 January 2021 Full Episode Youtube Video, Gomora 6 January 2021 Full Episode Youtube Video, Gomora 5 January 2021 Full Episode Youtube Video, Gomora 4 January 2021 Full Episode Youtube Video, Gomora 1 January 2021 Full Episode Youtube Video, Gomora 31 December 2020 Full Episode Youtube Video, Gomora 30 December 2020 Full Episode Youtube Video, Gomora 29 December 2020 Full Episode Youtube Video, Gomora 28 December 2020 Full Episode Youtube Video, Gomora 27 December 2020 Full Episode Youtube Video, Durban Gen 22 January 2021 Full Episode Youtube Video, Imbewu The Seed 22 January 2021 Full Episode Youtube Video, The Queen 22 January 2021 Full Episode Video, Muvhango 22 January 2021 Full Episode Youtube Video, Uzalo 22 January 2021 Full Episode Youtube Video. Isibaya Wednesday 16 December 2020 full episode… Genny, meanwhile, starts a relationship with a new girl, Jessica. Ciro proposes to the Alley Boys, by now unarmed and disorganised, to cross over to his side. Deborah escapes the watch of her husband's men and is about to enter a police station, but before entering she reconsiders. Genny confesses to Azzurra that he had her father arrested so he would be at the top of Rome. Gomora Full Episodes 16 September 2020 Full Hd Video By DStv and Mzansi Magic Official Website. Michelangelo meets his family at his parents' house, and Saro accuses him of having Patrizia arrested in order not to see her die at their hands; Michelanglo admits to the action. A shipment of drugs is scheduled for the next day, and Michelangelo urges Patrizia that he go in her place out of fear for her life, as well as their unborn child. Gomorrah (Italian: Gomorra - La serie) is an Italian crime drama television series created by Roberto Saviano for Sky Atlantic.Based on Saviano's book of the same name, the show premiered on Sky Atlantic in Italy on 6 May 2014, and has run for four seasons; a fifth and last season will air in 2021. Patrizia tells him that she is pregnant by him. Azzurra stays with Pietro in her old childhood home. Sangueblù goes to Patrizia to receive instructions from Genny; he is given a piece of paper with a name, Catenella, who knows the location of the Confederates weapons. With Ciro dead, Genny struggles between the discouragement for the loss of his partner and the worry of having to defend himself from the Capaccio brothers. Don Pietro also wants Genny to kill Ciro. The Confederates, Ciro, Sangueblù and Genny meet. Patrizia then goes to Secondigliano, to Genny, who sends her to Scianel to inform her of the war now started against the Confederates. At an appointment with the African contact, Nicola and Lino are ambushed where his cousin Lino is killed with a gunshot. 'A Golia secretly meets with the Capaccios to decide on the strategy to overtake Forcella. Sangueblù refuses the offer and goes to tell Ciro that he remained loyal. Behind the ambush and the theft of the drugs are the brothers Saro and Francesco Levante, who urge Nicola to kill Patrizia, who they deem unsuitable for the role of boss, and to take his place as boss of Secondigliano. As Avitabile drives away, a bomb hidden in garbage cans at the side of the road, and detonated by Ciro, throws the car into the air, and Avitabile dies instantly. Patrizia informs Genny of the exchange, and at the same time informs Scianel that the latter wants to meet her to propose to go into business with him, exclusively in Secondigliano. Genny arranges a secret agreement with the o' Principe, granting him more drugs than the predetermined to strengthen him with a promise to help Genny get into power. Imma orders Ciro to go to Barcelona on an extremely dangerous mission to reach a truce with Salvatore Conte, who has now become one of the major drug traffickers in southern Europe. Don Pietro reaches the chapel where his wife Imma is entombed, and asks Malammore not to be escorted. Mario is killed, Marinella beaten, but Lelluccio will decide the fate of the girl. Valerio, meeting with the Capaccios and suggests a new Alliance between Forcella and the Capaccios. Genny states his decision to reassume the role he once had to recover Secondigliano. Valerio reiterates the proposal made in the first meeting with the Capaccios, but he is killed by 'a Golia, to the amazement of those present, saying that Valerio was secretly recording them on his phone during the meeting, pretending to betray Enzo and Patrizia, but with the real purpose of reporting everything to them. Sangueblù refuses, telling Nicola that the matter does not concern him. Ciro joins her and confronts her: a furious dispute breaks out between the two. He manages to save himself, like his brother Saro who, in a shootout, shields himself with Evelina, a young fashion entrepreneur with whom she had long ago intertwined not only business relationships, but also extramarital affairs. Meanwhile, Patrizia marries Michelangelo, and it seems that the differences with Gerlando and his wife are settled. Sangueblù goes back to Secondigliano to meet Patrizia with a beaten 'o Crezi who also reveals to her that her husband's family, the Levantes are behind her recent misfortunes. 'o Sciarmante meets with the other Confederates, and 'o Crezi and 'o Diplomato want to kill Sangueblù. Alberto denies everything by arguing otherwise, that is, that he is a creditor to those companies, soliciting their payments and then covering the debts he had with the banks. Here you will find all the episodes of the seriesGomorra (2014). The Confederates kill Scianel's bodyguard, and Scianel at the hands of Patrizia. Ciro heads to the airport to leave Italy. As a wedding gift, Genny tells Patrizia that she will now be in full control of Secondigliano, and everything she will gain from the square, from then on, is hers. She goes to the entrance and discovers that Genny, who has come back tired and deeply changed, has shot his mother's dog for having bitten him. He is intent on demonstrating to the old members of the clan that he is now the new boss and then convenes a meeting in a restaurant. Gomora Monday 11 January 2021 Latest Episode… S1-4 streaming until 16 Jan 2021. With Alberto's help, Genny begins to buy the lands necessary for the construction of the future airport before presenting the contract for its construction. Imma orders the opening of a new market for drug dealing and makes fierce competition for all the other Camorra families, which risks retaliation. Ntokozo and Teddy convince Langa not to snitch. Watch Gomora Wednesday 16 September 2020 online youtube. Fearing for his life, 'o Nano listens to Ciro's advice and prepares for departure. Find reviews for the latest series of Gomorrah or look back at early seasons. Meanwhile, Genny's boys arrive and surround Ciro's house, but Ciro and family manage to escape over the roof and take refuge in a house outside the city. The Confederates ask, through Patrizia, compensation from Genny of three million euros for what they have lost since he started selling his drugs in their squares. Ciro is placed in one of the most important hotels in the Catalan city and is informed that Salvatore Conte cannot currently attend to him. Patrizia and Michelangelo are together again. After a brief struggle, Massimo loses, and confesses to Conte the actions of his brother, deceived by Ciro. A new load of drugs arrives in Forcella, but Sangueblù does not see Valerio and begins to have suspicions about him. Meanwhile, in Secondigliano, Scianel asks Patrizia through her emissary Domenico to find Marinella to convince her not to testify against her at the trial. The following evening, after a Virgin Mary procession, Conte plans to use 'o Mulatto and 'o Principe to kill Ciro, but they double-cross Conte, and kill him. Daniele comes out of hiding when Salvatore Conte arrives and confesses to the boss that Ciro Di Marzio ordered him to kill Tonino Russo. The accountant is free and is invited to a dinner with Imma. Desperate, Franco Musi tries to corrupt the public official who manages the contract. However, the ambush fails and Enzo loses some men. 'O Nano is excluded from the Alliance and is beaten and deprived of his own square. Imma and Genny leave for Milan again to meet the accountant Musi and get the money they need. Michelangelo tries to convince Patrizia to give him the command of Secondigliano due to her pregnancy. The next morning, Daniele moves to a new hiding place, stopping first at a diner where he sees more TV news that reports the death of Manu. When she can offer no information, he kills and burns her. Later that night, Fernando and another man break into their room and kill the policemen, freeing Michelangelo and Patrizia. Patrizia brings Genny's money to the Confederates, but for them, the compensation is not enough for the return of Pietro; the Capaccios want 'o Cantonese and Ronni killed. Scianel summons Don Pietro, feeling betrayed by the Alliance. Ciro gives the money to Genny, telling him that they can now begin, which he uses to buy cocaine. Genny is informed of the situation and of the deaths of 'o Principe and 'o Nano, and of the imminent mafia war. He also threatens to kill him if he tries to see his wife and son again. Ciro intervenes and decides to sacrifice himself for Genny, claiming that he is the real problem, that is, being a man who having lost everything, had come to make the most unpredictable gestures, confessing that he was Carmela's killer even though it was Genny who killed her. At the meeting, Valerio is accompanied by 'a Golia and 'o Cantonese, and they find the truth previously discovered by Nicola before he was killed—the Levante family were behind the seized drugs as they wanted to incite war in Secondigliano to eliminate the Alliance. Sangueblù explains to him that he thinks that Nicola is planning to overtake command of Secondigliano in place of Patrizia. Watch Your Popular Soapie Gomora 11 January 2021 Full Episodes, Download Gomora 11 January 2021 Latest Youtube Episode Online. Genny argues with his mother and confesses that he was forced to quarter a man with a machete because he complained too much. Sangueblù forces one of 'o Sciarmante's men to call him and report that they have eliminated both him and Ciro. Once stopped at the gates, Don Pietro and his men arrive, who had been informed about the movements of 'o Principe by Angelino. Scianel proposes to Ciro that her son Lelluccio, who is about to be released from prison, be a substitute for the piazza of Spaccio. Genny then goes to Gegè's house, and tells him that he has discovered his betrayal, and punches him in the face to death. Genny reminds Patrizia when he told her that he should not trust anyone, including himself. She realizes she is being followed and is deliberately taken to a remote place, warns Genny and Pietro and is captured by Ciro. The ambush is performed during the night. At first reluctant, the man then seems to convince himself to accept the proposal, but before being able to communicate it to Genny himself, he is brutally attacked and further intimidated to accept the offer. After Imma's death, Genny finds a CD with a recording of the conversation between Ciro and Manu. Malammore then finds the body of Don Pietro. Ciro asks Genny to side with him against his father, who sees him as just a kid, a shadow of his father. 0 72 . In return, Sangueblù must buy the drugs from the Confederates and reveal who is behind his operation. Sangueblù and Ronni retreat. Gomora 16/07/2020 Video Free Streaming. Before he can do this, Ciro arrives at the bar to look for Daniele, and pretending to be Bruno, he invites Manu into his car. New Entertainment customers. He then has a consultation with a doctor who will cosmetically remove the scar on his face and the tattoo on his neck. When they leave, Alberto drives away, but as he approaches a turn in the road, realizes his brakes have been cut, and dies as his car falls down a cliff. Genny orders Ciro to solve the problem of the Romano brothers, and he kills them. Crushed by the task, Patrizia turns to Genny who agrees to lend her the money. Genny returns to Rome, where he confesses to Azzurra the betrayal perpetrated against his father in order to protect his new family. 'O Bellebuono makes Sangueblù aware of the situation by telling him that his wife wanted to name their baby Valerio after her grandfather, but he said he could not name him after a traitor. Patrizia, realizing the seriousness of the situation, convenes a meeting where she promises to the Alliance that within a month she would make another load available. In the meantime, Michelangelo returns to Secondigliano and urges Patrizia to have courage. Ciro is destroyed by grief at his child's funeral. It is known that Ciro will accompany his daughter to a concert. He greets his cronies and leaves with his wife and daughter for the Lazio coast, not too convinced that Ciro actually believes in his innocence. Ruggieri promises that, in case of deposition, he will immediately release her from prison, give her an escort and a new home where she can plan a new life with her husband and daughter. Genny does not believe her, and Patrizia, almost offended, remarks that she has never betrayed him. Valerio tries to take matters into his own hands and, in agreement with 'a Golia and 'o Cantonese, sets up a meeting in secret with the Capaccios to understand more about the seized cargo. Gomora today full episode 16 December 2020. 'o Zingariello invites Ciro to meet him in the garage. Gomora Is Still Number One Most Watch Show On DSTV; Master KG Bought A Very Beautiful House For His Fan; Lindiwe Ndlovu Biography, Age, Cause of Death, Husband, Career, TV Roles, Movies And Net Worth; Gomora Wednesday 13 January 2021 Latest Episode ; Isibaya Wednesday 13 January 2021 full episode; The River Wednesday 13 January 2021 Latest Episode; The Queen … Genny falls into Ciro's trap and enters the concert hall alone while he orders his men to surround the outer perimeter of the building. On the road, the transfer van is ambushed by masked men who open fire and kill all the prison officers. "Gomorrah Review: Why You Should Watch SundanceTV's Italian Import - Today's News: Our Take", "Gomorra, seconda stagione: dal 10 maggio su Sky Atlantic!
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