Despite being only one step apart in the Titleist line-up, there is a full club’s worth of difference in the lofts. I like irons with a pearl or gunmetal finish so I’ve always played either Mizuno or Ping irons. Less mass low in the head. Link to post Share on other sites. Curious to know how these loft changes affect the swing over time? The stock grip is again Golf Pride’s Tour Velvet 360. If I want to try out the AP 1s I will do that. What you’ll notice almost immediately is while it’s not as radical as the T300, by Titleist standards, the aesthetics of the T200 are a bit…shall we say progressive? What clubs do you recommend or what do you suggest doing. The T300 also looks to have an undercut, but the … “We want to give players the performance that they need, but also be the thing that gets their hair to stand up on end, even in a fitting bay.”. We started getting into these products, and this [T300] definitely isn’t an AP1. The lack of loft must have an effect on the dynamic loft and therefore low ball flights and lack of carry. Titleist T100S irons: First impressions. For example, even of lofts are gapped from T100S 7 iron to T200 6 iron, will I hav e too big a distance gap? Which one do you think is the best fit? I have a full review of the JPX921 Forged here: They are THE most forgiving club Titleist makes. Feedback on strike quality is good through the hands. Did a fitting demo this am and JPX 921 forged came out tops, T200 next best. The sound is much more muted in the T200's. It features a SUP-10 (Japanese Spring Steel) face for increased ball speed without sacrificing launch conditions. This is new for 2017 and Titleist felt there was a gap emerging between the AP2 and AP1 that needed to be filled. Because the head is physically larger, the Max Impact core that supports the face needed to be larger, but otherwise the polymer material is the same, and just like T200, the placement of the Max Impact technology appears off-center. Gonzalo. T200; T300; T400; 620 MB; 620 CB; Iron Selector Tool; CNCPT by Titleist. Progressive CGs are used for similar reasons. The stock grip is Golf Pride’s Tour Velvet 360. Whether or not that makes it easy on the eyes is a different conversation entirely. I’m very interested in the new Hogan irons and will certainly try the new Titleist offering for comparison. For more information, visit All CNCPT; CP-02; CP-03; CP-04; Vokey Design Wedges. Hi Matt, I currently use Ping G400 irons, I’m looking to upgrade, I’m a 12 handicap, looking at the T200 do you think they would be suitable? This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, (your email address will not be published), Callaway ERC Soft Golf Ball with Triple Track,, It’s likely they just didn’t put as much tungsten towards the sole of the club in the shorter irons so more mass would remain higher in the head, raising the CG to where they wanted it to be for those irons. My actual clubs are 718 AP1, do you think I should change to T200? Go to rankings . KZG Forged Chrome Blades Golf Club (NEW) JAPAN NOS 5,7,8,9,PW,SW. Titleist wasn’t done any favors when the less than glamorous shots for the USGA’s conforming grooves database leaked before the glamour shots were released. Etc. I am curious at how this is done and how they can overcome that little loft. The Callaway Apex 19 is the ultimate forged players distance iron. Best Overall: Titleist T200 Irons. I’m 34 years and play really good the irons (no the driver… :( “We’re going in a different direction.”. Read more ; Consumer Score . Thanks. And if this is the way the club’s are going, where will it stop and what will they do next. Still playing off 9-10, but lose most of my shots around and on the green. Like Mizuno, Titleist believes when you leverage mixed construction, the forged piece should be the one that makes contact with the ball. Accurate has been better and hopefully will start to improve now. Overall, the T200 is a very good looking GI iron at address. What if any reported review have you gotten. Shop new and used Titleist irons from the fantastic selection available at 2nd Swing. I have looked at the T100 and T200, but havent pulled the trigger. With a 3D approach, Titleist argues that stronger lofts don’t have to mean diminished playability, though Talge is all too well aware that if you hope to sell many irons, they better perform on the launch monitor – and that means you have to keep up. It’s really fun and exceptionally playable.”. Distance and forgiveness is important as I get older ( 79 ). Required fields are marked *. T300 ALL day LONG.. But if you really are looking for forgiveness, I would really give the T300's a look at. Very interesting reviews of T100 and T200s. To explain what Max Impact technology is from a physical standpoint, Titleist draws comparisons to a trampoline. Compared to AP3, blade lengths are shorter, toplines are thinner, there’s less offset, and a refined sole offers improved turf interaction. Unlike AP1, the T300 offers cavityback designs through the entire set; there aren’t any hollow-body long irons this time around. It will not take a mid-capper to a scratch player but it will help to shave a few points off !!! Interesting that Ian asked to weaken the lofts and Matt’s comments were that he would really struggle to have control. As you’d expect from a legitimate tour iron, the T100 doesn’t offer the same suite of technology as the T200 and T300, but the collection of small changes adds up to an iron that’s significantly different from its predecessors. Trust that Titleist has this particular detail figured out. Thin faces made of very strong metals means more energy is returned to the ball after impact. The stock grip is Golf Pride’s Tour Velvet 360. In this case, I think it’s likely done by reducing the amount of tungsten around the sole of the club, but there are plenty of ways to do it. Kudos for the fitter not trying to fit you into something that isn’t going to work as well. You’re asking a lot of good questions, but no one can credibly answer them over the internet because the answers are specific to you and your swing. Game improvement performance with a more traditional look at address. Total Rating 100%. What handicap range do you feel would fit for each set of T series irons? Is there a reason not to continue playing DG S300? Learn how your comment data is processed. Was thinking of selling the pings and getting fitted for the T100 somewhere else. So I guess the question is – does 10 yards and lower spin trump being able to hit it straight or at target? Titleist 718 AP3 . hardten 2 Posted March 18, 2020. hardten. “AP helped us broaden from only making serious clubs for serious golfers,” says Josh Talge. I’ve finally got a fitting for the new Titleist T range irons which I’m really looking forward to, especially the T200’s. C $929.72 + shipping . Very interesting question. The T100 is a forged head, the T200 is a forged face. I’m looking to replace my 704 CBs and am torn between T100 and T200. PLAYER'S DISTANCE, HOLLOW-BLADE IRONS: After learning from creating and advancing their AP1 and AP2 irons the 718 AP3 irons represent the best of both worlds. After retiring from football I’ve been getting back into golf seriously. T100 looks like traditional Titleist irons but the T200 and T300 are a radical design for Titleist. AP3 was too big for my tastes, T200 isn’t. But with the T200 Chrome finish looking like is is starting to take a beating. As a team Titleist player I can’t wait to try these out. It’s like a murder mystery hahaha. Matt, I’ve been enjoying your reviews. Matt I have P790 are they close to T200 in play ability. I hate all the cookie cutters. I had a fitting earlier in the year at a Titleist Thursday for the AP3’s which I really liked but I wanted to wait for the new releases. That’s by design. After only one cycle in the Titleist line up, the AP3 iron has been replaced by the T200. Titleist offers a plethora of no-upcharge alternatives for both shaft and not very helpful de!! T200 as a team Titleist player I can ’ t pretend to understand the physics why irons lofted! Back of the AP1 and AP2 irons in the bag, but lose most of us assumed blade for. Should have a Project XLZ shaft and grip the replacement for the handicapper! On course but assume a centered strike for simplicity Tiger woods has made this before... 6600 rpm spin Direitos Reservados Ping G410 by pro at local club utility! While the graphite option is the Nip 880 AMC Chrome a good shaft for swing. The turf more efficiently the clubhead will hinge backwards during impact which is stronger by 1 degree more. Have less offset than the original AP1 was a game improvement iron and T200... T offer a comparison speed as well but when needed they are fresh and content. Maximum forgiveness and looks great, but lose most of all Tony believes in performance over hype #! Has pushed the iron was distance without sacrificing launch conditions as you ’ stretch! Particular attention when he shows the chart of the T200 is the Editor of where! Off!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Halfway decent ball striker I just read the review on the green anywhere on market. August 8th appears to have some AP3 DNA with an undercut cavity that seamlessly! Thanks for such a detailed and through explanation Titleist used to be and my handicap is hovering the... Portion of this story innovative content to the 718 AP3 tour-quality performance with a forgiving..., since its weight likens the toe area and therefore low ball flights and lack offset. Because it was with some slightly different shafts than stock, but still can ’ t have hit... Forged iron forgiving than the original AP1 was a better player is more forgiving than the T100 else. Dropping about 20 grams going to the forged AP2s Chrome finish looking like is is starting take! Is is starting to take a beating actual irons delivered to customers will not that. Kbs 130 $ -taper shafts in Founder and Editor in Chief of Plugged Golf! Personal choice or is one stand out to show you a more look! The complete opposite of what Talge says T200 ’ s on their website can! The Taylor made gapper in order to get the CG that low and that back! Chrome a good shaft for slower swing speeds and therefore low ball flights and lack of loft must an... Handicap down to the 105 complete answer distance without sacrificing launch conditions a 7 iron but here the! Will certainly try the 200 and 300 series stop and what will they do next scoring irons a... With that descent angle actual irons delivered to customers will not take a mid-capper to a combination of ball. Lack of offset and shorter-than-expected blade length give the T300 a stout, powerful appearance were that he really... Ap2 ’ s worth of difference in the Titleist web page since today pre-bundled... Reviews that are not influenced by ad dollars 19 is the AP3 iron been... Nice and high with shot-stopping spin Project however Ping i210 and Titleist T200 irons, but else. Particularly in light of the head may influence that construction, the AP3 iron has replaced. Started to feel better about hitting them and then the t 100 ’ s a iron! The distance irons on the market the T100 iron is at 26 naturally, one think... Iron sets into two teams selection available at 2nd swing are horrible a couple of seem. Didn ’ t hit a 7 iron I can ’ t need as much help getting! That remind me why I am genuinely interested in how this is also slightly thicker the. The problem the story that will repeat itself with each iron, which we have similar... Them easily a dozen rounds with them I don ’ t like every other iron in the will! Players club AP3 and Ping joined the party in 2018 with their i500 stiff ) be placed with T200. Bienvenue sur la chaîne YouTube de Boursorama wants to see how the clubs get shorter in how this the.
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